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The Hertfordshire group walks on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The group covers all of Hertfordshire and sometimes organises invasion parties into neighbouring counties.

A vast compendium of photographs from the group's events - beyond pics in event reports - are available from Flickr.

Between October and December of each year, the group plans its walk routes for the following calendar year.

The Group

The bulk of the Herts Group's events originate from seven regular members.  It is their enthusiasm for the great outdoors, and an easy way to enjoy the countryside, that makes the Herts GOC viable.

Most of them contribute to neighbouring groups Cambs, Essex, London and MK&Bucks.

Herts GOC's first ever walk was in January 2005.  The walk was a pilot for a new GOC group.  Herts GOC then starting walking regularly from May 2005.  The group's initial co-ordinator was Richard Mather.


The co-ordinator for Hertfordshire GOC is Martin Thornhill.

Martin joined GOC in February 2007, after discovering that Herts GOC had organised a walk starting from his back garden.  Well, nearly: it was actually three minutes drive away.  After becoming Caretaker Co-Ordinator in 2009, a re-branding of GOC in 2016 triggered the dropping of the by-now farcical title of "Caretaker".

Future Events

Recent event reports

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