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A Heart of Wales trail (2)– Knucklas to Newbridge on Wye

Event Details

Restarting Events

Our Groups are up and running with their activities.   While there is generally no fixed maximum number of participants on an event, an event may have a limit in place based on it's risk assessment.   All events still require every participant to pre-book via the website.

General information

Part 1 of this trail was completed in October 2019 walking from Craven Arms (where the trail begins) to Knucklas.

Part 2 will be starting at Knucklas and the plan is to end at Newbridge on Wye.

It will involve an afternoon walk on arrival on Monday, 2 full day walks Tuesday and Wednesday, and a morning walk on Thursday using the Heart of Wales train to arrive and depart.

At time of writing (August 2021) the Heart of Wales train departs from Llanelli railway station at 9 51am.

NB The usual 9 30am train people from Swansea usually catch, no longer leaves from Swansea, so anyone coming from Swansea will have to get transport (another train) to Llanelli to pick up the Heart of Wales one.

I will check nearer the event date to see if this has changed.

People joining this event can come by other means of transport and for any number of days, whatever suits.

***This is a walking trail and will not have been recce'd so it's important that anyone joining us signs up as an attendee as you can be sent an email if arrangements alter.

See individual pages for each days walk.

Monday afternoons walk is here

Tuesdays here

Wednesdays here

Thursday morning walk here


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