GOC Brand Style Guide

November 2023, OUTloud: supporting GOC in refreshing our branding and website design.

Download the full GOC Brand Style Guide (pdf) including Website Style Guide. 

For support with marketing and marketing materials, see Pride & Other Marketing Events and Newly designed GOC marketing materials now available.


Welcome to the Gay Outdoor Club (GOC) Brand Style Guidelines. This document serves as a guide to maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand identity across all communications. 

By adhering to these guidelines, we can help to ensure that the GOC brand is distinctive, ownable, and trusted amongst our LGBTQ+ community.  

This style guide is an essential tool that governs the composition of design, copywriting, and overall look and feel of the GOC’s branding and communications, from digital marketing to print advertisements, PR, social comms, newsletter template, and general collateral items. The style guide’s purpose is to explicitly show how the club presents itself through its logo, font, primary colours, tone of voice, and imagery.

As part of the overall strategy to attract new members, the GOC brand needs a defined brand positioning. A positioning platform that defines what we do and reflects our inclusive and diverse community.

Brand Positioning

The activity & social club for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community across Great Britain.

Brand Tone of Voice

A tone of voice conveys our personality through the words we select and the style in which we communicate. A tone of voice helps to give a distinct identity. 

Every time we communicate, we affect people’s thoughts and feelings about us. Conversations, emails, newsletters, advertisements, banners, social media posts, reports, etc, are all opportunities to reinforce our brand attributes and character, and to resonate with our community.

In June, we surveyed members and asked them to define GOC’s current character and what it could be.

Consider these attributes when preparing communications. It will help us convey our identity as an inclusive and diverse club for the LGBTQ+ community and attract like-minded new members.

  • Welcoming, friendly, inclusive
  • Dynamic, vibrant, exciting
  • Open, diverse, engaging.


GOC’s updated circle logo is based on the original logo design. The white lines shown in the original logo have been removed. The proportions of the logo’s elements, sun, tree, mountains, and river are more clearly defined, with the river repositioned to the graphic’s centre.

In addition to the core GOC logo, there’s a special 50th-anniversary version. Both follow the same area of isolation, clear space around the colour edge.





Clear space

  • A minimum clear space equal to the height of the letter ‘a’ should be left around the perimeter to give a visual hierarchy.
  • Although no minimum size is detailed, please ensure the logo is visible in print and digital media without distortion.


For the website and other digital communications, use:

For print communications, use:

Except for magazine body text, use (as previously):

  • Palatino Linotype

Colour Pallett

Ideally, use the primary colours of the six-colour Pride Flag, red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet. Below are the colours used in the GOC website.

Hex colour references.

These correspond with the colours above. Copy and paste references in new comms creations.



Copy – direction

Copy should reflect a positive, inclusive, and welcoming tone.

On average, people have two seconds to read a poster, so a clear headline to convey your message works best, with a supporting line of copy to provide specific information, if required.

Print advertisements allow more copy to be featured but be mindful that short descriptive copy works best to engage, resonate, and move people into action.

A3 Advertisement Guide

Specification: Font: Myriad Pro, Heading point size: 56 pt, Body copy point size: 28 pt  

A4 Advertisement Guide

Specification: Font: Myriad Pro, Heading point size: 36 pt, Body copy point size: 19 pt (subject to the amount of copy featured)


Newsletter & Website Posts

We have created a Newsletter template to share regular news items to our members. This Newsletter will be generated from the latest news and activity posts uploaded to the GOC website.

Please be mindful of our desired copy tone of voice and general copy direction when creating new activity posts for the website as they may well feature in the next issue of the Newsletter.

Photography – Images

See also GOC Use of Images Policy

  • Ideally, use images taken and provided with permission to use from GOC members.
  • The purple tint helps to create a distinctive visual brand asset for GOC. The overlay is ideal when n image covers the whole Ad/poster area and enables the headline and body copy to be seen.
  • Vary the tint opacity from 5% to 20%, subject to the image colour density.

Image Copyright and Permission

  • If using images sourced from image libraries, social media and or other brand websites, please ensure you purchase royalty-free images or have permission to use the image from the owner to avoid copyright infringement. It’s best practice to credit the image owner in any communication. This can be displayed at small point sizes anywhere in the communication.

QR Codes

  • QR codes feature in the footer of the Ads, beer mat and business card designs. Each links to the home page of the website and includes a unique tracking identification code within the url. This is to measure visitors from the ads to the home page.

Collateral Items

Below is a copy of the new Beer Mat design (front & back)

And, a copy of the new GOC introduction card  (front & back)

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