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The club is legally a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity, it is governed by two documents:

We also provide guidelines for members who are organising anything for GOC in our Information page.


The groups which make up GOC organise all of the events, each one has a person who co-ordinates their events and acts as a contact for the group. To find out more about any group and how to contact them, look under our Groups page.


The club has up to 12 Trustees, who are referred to as the committee. They are assisted by a number of other members who together manage the club nationally. To contact any of the Trustees use the Contacts Page of the website.


Chairman: Peter Blackburn – Represents the club and deals with all aspects of club policy, publicity, insurance and safety.

Group Liaison: Julian Donald – Contact for GOC Group Coordinators and associated clubs.

Assistant Group Liaison: Michael Fanning – Assists Group Liaison Officer.

Secretary: Ivor Rose – Deals with all general correspondence.

Treasurer: Roger Sheldon – Manages the club’s finances including membership payments and expense claims.

Women’s Representative: Al Evans – Promotes the participation of women in the activities of the club.

Marketing & Strategic Planning: Edward (Ned) Voelcker – Chairs Marketing committee also responsible for Strategic Planning.

Magazine Proof Reader: Alexander Barr – Proof reads the magazine prior to printing.

Membership Retention: Mark Woollard – Communicates with existing members in order to retain membership, also a member of the Marketing committee and is instrumental in putting together a plan to promote the club.

Assistants to the Committee

Archivist: Simon Ball – Maintains the club’s archive of magazines, articles and photos.

Membership Secretary: David Heard – Manages membership subscriptions and magazine delivery problems.

Magazine Editor: Peter Blackburn – Edits GOC’s magazine, Outdoors, dealing with all articles and event reports.

Returning Officer: Graeme Brown – Organises the ballot at a general meeting.

Web Manager: Owen Morris – Manages the website and IT resources of the club.

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