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Welcome to the GOC’s Pride Group.  This group is a bit different from other GOC groups as it probably won’t actually run any events, but is here to support you if you want to “fly the flag” of GOC at a local event in your area.

This might be an event with a clear "Pride" like title, or might just be any event where community groups come together to attract new members.  These can include a village fete, street fair, church event, or things targeted at any of the parts of the LGBTQ+ community including lesbians, bisexuals, gay, trans, queer or intersex communities.    Further groups we would like to have GOC represented at include those focused on black and other minority groups as well as religious groups.

You may not need support on many of these events but we are here to support you if needed.

It would be great when you post them in your local group if you could also include this Group "Pride & Other Marketing Events" so we can all see what is going on across the UK.

This external website lists many events across Great Britian focused on the LGBTQI+ community and you might want to review this to see what is going on in your community -

If you do need financial and marketing support from GOC HQ to attend an event,  any GOC member interested in leading the event should answer the questions below using either the contact box below or in an Email to [email protected] which is read by Ned Voelcker the head of the GOC Marketing Committee.     Please complete this exercise at least 6 weeks before the event to make sure that adequate planning can be done.   Many events sell out of space and require registration up to 2-3 months before the event.

To complete the contact box or Email you might just want to cut and paste the list below and then answer the questions to the best of your ability.   If some information isn't available yet just indicate that and send off the information you do have.

What – the name of the event.

Where – location

When – date and times

Why – what is the purpose of this event and does it help GOC attract new members?   Might this event help with increasing the diversity of the GOC?

Who / Whom – your name and others who will support you

What do you need from GOC – small simple (3-4 line) budget including any registration fees and what you need to spend to make this a success.    We are happy to cover reasonable expenses for small promotional items you might want to order, and can provide you with a banner, business cards, drink coasters, and a limited supply of GOC 50th Anniversary enamel pins - see also Newly designed GOC marketing materials now available."

Please note that we expect most requests for funding to fall in a range of about £100-£500 though for some large events like London or Manchester it could be above this range.

If any of this is unclear you are welcome to contact Ned at [email protected] and he can arrange a phone call to assist in anyway.

Thank you for your interest in Pride and similar events and for flying the flag of the GOC at events to increase our membership and the diversity of the people who hear about GOC.

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