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Use of Images Policy

We are keen for all events listed on the website or other promotional material to include images showing the area you are going to.

However to make sure that you don’t violate copyright law, GOC policy is that you should only upload photos to the website that you’ve taken yourself, or when you know the person who took it and they have given you permission to use it on our website.

Please do not upload images you find on the internet, even if they say they may be re-used. That’s because there are often additional terms for using them, such as giving credit to the owner correctly, or paying a licence fee etc.  

Please also respect the wishes of anybody in your photo who might not want it published, and never use photos of anyone taken in a private place without their consent. Members must never upload or publish any images that might be considered offensive.

OS maps are Crown Copyright, and cannot be reproduced without a licence. For those of you who wish to include area maps or the like, please only use mapping from a legitimate free source, such as

Helpful Guidance:

Images used on this site are cropped in different ways for use in different parts of the site.  Because of the cropping, images with text, for example copyright notices, should not be used.

Featured images are shown at a ratio of 1:1.618 (mobile devices) and 1:3.236 (larger screens, eg desktops and laptops).  Images used as links to posts are shown at a ratio of 1:1, as are images used in post galleries.  Cropping for these ratios is always centred on the image.

TIP! Select the image from the library and click ‘Expand Details’ (which is the link near the top right hand corner of the screen) to display the image as it will appear when cropped. Look out for heads being chopped off. Where the image is cropped adversely the file can be edited using your favourite editor and replace the library image for that perfect shot.

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