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Linear Walk from Milford to Godalming turned circular!

28 Mar 2017 | Surrey Group

On Sunday SW Trains decided to cancel our Godalming to Milford train! As a result our walk leader, Matthew, and some people coming from London could only get as far as Guilford. With the aid of a taxi everyone arrived at Godalming station and we invoked a cunning plan B and set out on a circular route from Godalming.

We did take a couple of wrong turns on the unscheduled route, but with support from Nigel and Judy we were able to quickly get back on the correct path. Once we got to Winkworth, we were back on our planned and pre-walked track....
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Another FORUM !!!! ..... ( Caerwent - S.Wales)

28 Mar 2017 | South Wales, West Wales, Women Groups, not that kind of forum, phew, in this case the 1800 year old Roman one at Caerwent, in South Wales, that greeted us on our circular 8 mile walk last Sunday.

18 of us, including some friends from Meet Up, plus 4 dogs, for a circular through the woods to the impressive Roman ruins. Walls up to 5 metres high in places, and lots of remains inside this 44 acre site.

Spring certainly felt like it had sprung at last !!
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Charing to Westwell Circular Walk

28 Mar 2017 | East Kent Group

Fabulously lead - Of course! - and also well attended, this circular walk on the North Downs near Ashford was a delightful spring stroll perfect for those not committed to Mothering Sunday duties.

At some points demanding, the route climbed up steep areas of woodland carpeted in lesser celandines and wood anemones at their best, and crossed undulating open fields near historic villages and buildings under the shadows of airplanes towing silent paragliders. The views towards the south of Kent were never ending!

And the weather and the company could not have been any better, thank you Neil for an excellent job....
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From Cross to Crook Peak and Back.

26 Mar 2017 | Somerset Group

A merry band of eight of us started at Cross and headed up the steep steep hill to join part of the West Mendip Way. Then on to Wavering Down and a stop for our lunch at Crook Peak. After lunch it was downwards towards Compton Bishop and heading back towards Cross on flat land alongside the river. Glorious weather added to a lovely walk and great views from Crook Peak. Most of us then adjourned to a local hostelry for refeshments and enjoyment of the warm sunny afternoon in the pub garden. Many thanks to Bruin for organising and leading the walk today....
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