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Dorset Group 21 Jul 22: Bere Wood and Bere Down

Nine keen members met well ahead of time at the free carpark in Bere Regis. Our first hurdle was to cross the busy A35, but safely negotiated, we started the steepish climb up Woodbury Hill, aided by the handy handrail in places. This was followed by a lovely shady  2km through Bere Wood. The only distractions being the possibility of joining some paintballers and the leader spotting an unusual fungus.

Arriving in the attractive and friendly village of Bloworth, we stopped to view the items for sale for charity in their telephone box. After a short stretch of minor road, we crossed Bloxworth Down to cross the A31 this time. The next stage, White lane, was part of the new footpath, St Edward’s Way, which the leader, who was carrying shears, had found to be a mass of stinging nettles on the recce . St Edward had obviously performed one of his miracles and the path had been completely cleared of nettles and brambles!!

A footpath and farm track past two opium poppy fields and Winterborne Kingston Church led us to the lunch, beer and ice cream stop at the friendly Greyhound Pub.

Suitably refreshed, we picked up the Bagwood Road and Jubilee Trail across Bere Down and, with one final crossing of the A35, were again tempted by comfy chairs and drinks at the Royal Oak at Bere Regis and then home.


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