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Chippy, Chadlington & Dean. Sept 2021

Easy walk? No hills? In the Cotswolds? Really? Yes!
So, no complaints then?  Well loads, every little undulation, slight incline, step up, slope, caused a chorus of “it’s another hill!”
Well it was only twelve (and a bit) miles, so the complaints didn’t last too long.
Our band of 17 started with a slope up out of Chipping Norton (Chippy) and walked along the runway of the former WW2 RAF Chipping Norton airfield, which was "very flat".
A slightly “downward" sloping lane ended in the charming village of Chadlington (no sign of one J Clarkson), but there were some lovely houses and gardens to wander by.  Fields and newly created woodland greeted us as we made our way towards Dean and our lunch stop.  A frisky calf hemmed in on a lane between two fields added to the excitement of approaching the former PM’s home.
Dean Mill, previously owned by Ronnie Barker and now the home of Sam and David Cameron, has a “flat footpath" right across the drive.  Mill ponds, a restored phone box and a bomb grace their modest home, but up the lane is Dean Manor, now that is an impressive property (see photo).
We continued on over fields, passing the Hawk Stone where our GC took the opportunity to fly his flag, any excuse!  (see photo).
We returned to Chippy, (picking up Lord John on a lane!) via the Glyme River valley.  Despite the “hills” there was lots of conversation along the whole route, most of Nihads contributions are best glossed over!
So if the group thought there were hills, well just wait until next year, when I take you to the hilly side of Chippy!
Paul Ashcroft.

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