GOC online networking

Are you interested in networking or meeting other members, online from the comfort of your home?

Take advantage of our new online networking space in Wonder and our new meeting room in Zoom – just in time for Christmas, but now available all year round! For full details, check out our  new How to use Zoom and Wonder page.

Our Zoom meeting room is suitable for the kind of private online meeting that you might otherwise hold in a physical meeting room. Our Wonder networking space is suitable for the more fluid kind of online socializing that you might otherwise do at a GOC event outdoors, or in the pub or tea room afterwards.

Join us for festive networking in Wonder from 5pm on Thursday 23 December. Mingle and socialize informally with other GOC members from around the country. Santa hats and snowballs will be provided, but you will need to bring your own sherry and mince pies. Drop by also at 5pm on any other day over the Christmas period, or at 8pm every Tuesday from January 9.

Our Wonder space is open 24/7. You can meet others there by arrangement, or you can drop by to see if anyone is there. You are welcome to use it any time, and for as long as you like. Wonder can accommodate up to 1,500 at a time in self-organising ‘circles’ of up to 15 – like zoom breakout groups, but more fluid and more fun.

Schedule a Zoom meeting and invite other GOC members. Use our online calendar to schedule a one-off meeting in the next 30 days, or email to request a recurring meeting or a meeting more than 30 days ahead. After scheduling your meeting you will receive login details by email that you can share with your guests, and a ‘host key’ that you can use to ‘claim host’ and access host features. Our Zoom meeting room can accommodate up to 100, and it has a wide variety of features and functions available.

There’s no need to create a new account or log-in, or to download or install new software, to use Wonder or Zoom. Further details including links to FAQs and further support are at our  new How to use Zoom and Wonder page.

The GOC Marketing Committee would like to thank Martin for all of his work in getting this new initiative off the ground.

Happy Holidays.

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