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This group is the focal place for cycling in GOC. Both to promote cycling day rides or trips and to advertise activities involving cycling from event arrange by the other groups within GOC.

Cycling covers a very wide range of activities from road cycling to mountain biking. From easy rides to challenging routes or sporty fast. Whatever the level or type of cycling the aim of our rides are for group cycling and when out on a rides everyone should feel they are part of a group.  Once on the move it is easy to get spread out, so everyone needs to keep an eye on everyone else to make sure we do not lose someone and all rides have regular navigation stops to gather up everyone. While the gentle rides will have frequent stops as rides get longer of faster the stops will get spread out.

The listing of the ride or event will include a description of the length, the hill climbs, the terrain,  and the general speed, this should help in selecting rides appropriate to you.

Future Events

AOG 2021 at the Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

South Transpennine cycling

The Hebridean Cycle Way 2021

October Cycling and Walking Week, Mallorca 2021 ** Plus Make Your Own

Recent News

AOG in Stirling 24th-27th July 2020


Come Out For Cornwall Pride


Recent event reports

Sausages and Burgers – GOC Summer Camp


Autumn Cycling and Walking Week, Mallorca October 2018


Autumn Walking and Cycling week in Mallorca


Autumn cycling in Mallorca


Autumn Walking and Cycling Week in Mallorca, 8th to 16th October


Cycling Training Camp, Mallorca – 29th March to 6th April 2014


Contact the Cycling group co-ordinator

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