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Caving Group in the Anglo-Russian caveThe GOC Caving Group caters for cavers at all levels of skill. Activities range from international cave exploration and regular visits by members fully-trained in SRT (single rope technique) to the best caves in the UK to introductions to caving and caving techniques for the inexperienced.

The main locations for caving in Britain are North Yorkshire and the north-eastern corner of Lancashire, South Wales, the Peak District, and the Mendips. As a member of the National Caving Association, the Group is able to get permits for caves in all of these areas. There are weekend caving meets about every six weeks.

We have access to facilities for indoor training in single rope technique, and can arrange sessions for members of the group to learn or to improve their skills in a comfortable environment, complete with café.

If you want to see what lies beyond the parts of Dan-yr-Ogof open to the public, to visit Otter Hole - guarded by a tidal sump beneath Chepstow race-course, to explore the Lancaster-Easegill System - Britain's most extensive cave system, to abseil into Titan Shaft - Britain's biggest underground shaft, or to see many other underground wonders, get in touch with GOC Caving Group.

You are strongly recommended to join BCA as a direct individual member. GOC is a member of BCA but that does not provide you with insurance under the terms agreed between BCA and its insurers.

To contact the Caving group by e-mail, phone or letter please use our contact page.

Caving at the Annual Outdoor Gathering

18 Aug 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

It is a good thing nobody signed up for the Saturday caving trip during the AOG in Bath. Finding the small shop in Cheddar from which Martin had arranged to hire lamps was no trivial matter. Trailing behind us looking for a shop would not have inspired the confidence of novices in our ability to find a cave, let alone to find our way to the bottom and out again....

Whitsun in July

22 Jul 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

~~Caving News July 2015 – Whitsun in July

It might not be seven weeks after Easter but that did not stop the cavers going on a Whitsun day trip in July.

According to the events programme we were supposed to visit Meregill Hole in Yorkshire. However, Meregill Hole becomes exciting if it rains....

In Car Entertainment

29 Jun 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

~~Caving News June 2015 – In Car Entertainment

The word that sprang to mind as we trudged up the path towards Trow Gill was “foreboding”. I had been reading the descriptions of Car Pot in the caving guides: “...the original tight deep hole”; “a constricted crawl, a letter box squeeze, and some awkward pitch heads ....

Visiting the White River

26 Apr 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

~~When you get to my age it is nice to have the reassurance of a handrail beside each short flight of steps underground and that is what we find as we enter Peak Cavern, the first few hundred metres being a show cave. After a couple of minutes we descend some crumbling steps that used to take visitors further than is now permitted....

Fri 04 to Sun 06 Aug 2017

Annual Outdoor Gathering 2017 at Lancaster University

Annual Outdoor Gathering 2017 at Lancaster University

Near Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Some options need booking

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Sun 06 Aug 2017




Near Settle, North Yorkshire, England

Booking required

Caving, Annual Outdoor Gathering, Caving Groups   Full details...

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