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Western Marlborough Downs 6 Aug 2020

Starting from the Smallgrain (meaning poor farmland) car park, a convivial band of GOC members headed west towards Roundway down and the iron age hill fort of Olivers castle, passing the 1643 civil war battle site. It was here the attacking royalist forces chased the Parliamentary troops over the edge of the escarpment, creating the name runaway hill, later corrupted to Roundway.

Lunch was had sat on the earthworks of Olivers castle, enjoying fine sunlit views over the west Wiltshire plain.

Skirting the edge of the hill through the box woods of Roundway covert, the walk turned east along gravel lanes over the downs. Expansive views and much chatter marked the passing miles.

The return leg to the start was along the Wansdyke. This defensive ditch and bank was dug by the Britons against the invading Saxons and stretches for many miles across central southern England.

Thanks to all who came along, I thoroughly enjoyed your company, you made the walk what it was.

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