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Dorset Group 1 May 2022:👣🌦 Bramble Bush Bay and The Little Sea

👣🌦  On a cloudy day with droplets in the air, twelve hardy walkers met up with their walk leader in the National Trust ferry road car park on the Studland side of Sandbanks.

In high spirits, after a prayer to the sun above to try burning through the clouds to keep watch over us (and some of us also to the god Volterol 😉) Determined to ignore the day’s negative forecast (for the air coming off the ground was radiating heat despite the cool easterly winds);
we set off across ferry road, through some dunes, to the shore of Bramble Bush Bay, and five interesting “houseboats” moored along the shoreline, sharing extensive views of Brownsea Island and Yachts & the Ferry going about their business in Poole Harbour Bay.

The day favoured us with little wind, light spitting rain and an interesting shoreline trek across chesil, sand, & clay, as the tide was out,
til we turned inland and the Brand’s Point Bay bird-hide, where we stopped for coffee.

Moving inland, traversing the sand & gorse of Godlingstone Heath, we paused to admire the distant Agglestone Rock on its solitary mount, and an opportunity for a group photo, before descending in to a woodland where a stream bridge and another photo opportunity presented itself.
As we ascended out of the woods we passed a hidden deer farm where our leader was fortunate to catch some photos of a near by herd, attentively watching us, before they bared their white fluffy tails and headed off.

Crossing the Shell-bay ferry road to the headland of Knoll Hill, we passed the remnants of former army refuelling sumps, and land which in earlier days was used for shallow trench warfare training. A descending path through old arched woodland trees brought us out to The National Trust Café, an opportunity to stop for warm refreshments and snack-lunches; a porch roof extension offering us protection from the now more persistent light rain.

The final part of our trail, passed the Lizard House, and another hidden Bird Hide, took us off the beaten track to the wilderness paths shore-hugging the “Little Sea”, a well-hidden & little known inland lake.
We continued on the “Heather trail”, following further wilderness paths, finally leading us through a tunnel of gorse and bramble (and had we gone the wrong way?😳) til we emerged out in the sand dunes ferry-side beach of Shell Bay, with a welcomed final Homeward bound to the NT Car Park...... when the heavens finally opened.
A Well-timed ending, and positive comments complimenting the variety and diversity of the environment we passed through. A good time had by all ‼️

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