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Amesbury, Stonehenge & Normanton 3-7-22

In the far south east of Wiltshire sits a large stone building, waiting for many millenieux, for the builders to return and fit the roof.

Thus Stonehenge and its ancient landscape, (plus the A303 trunk road), formed the focus for this 8-9 mile walk. Mainly level going, in warm sunny weather, this was pleasant rather than challenging.

Starting from Amesbury, the route headed north to Woodhenge, Stonehenge's predecessor, the position of its' wooden uprights marked by concrete posts. Turning westwards, partly following the line of the Avenue, Stonehenge itself was passed to the north, before bearing south and a lunch stop on Normanton down. The return to Amesbury included a peaceful selection of meadows alongside the river Avon.

Big sky, big landscape, big hearted companions and a big pile of old stones made this outing memorable.

If you're wondering why there's no picure of Stonehenge (and why wouldn't you), it's 'cos the one I took was total rubbish....

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