The club maintains third party public liability insurance with Endsleigh Insurance which protects GOC, the committee, group coordinators and club members against claims of third party liability, member to member liability, trespass, libel, slander and other matters under civil law.

All GOC events are automatically covered by this policy provided they are:

  • Organised by a GOC group
  • Led by a member of the club
  • Entered into the club’s event database
  • In the list of activities below

Standard activities

The following activities may be organised and led by a club member who has appropriate experience:

  • Badminton
  • Camping
  • Canal boating
  • Cycling (on road, cycle path or bridleway)
  • Gym
  • Hill walking
  • Rambling
  • Running
  • Social
  • Swimming
  • Walking

Other activities

If any group wants to organise an event not described above they must contact the chair in order that insurance may be obtained if cover is not provided by a third party running the event.

Cover for guests

Our insurance accepts that people who have not yet joined the Club may want to attend club events before joining. The cover with regards to non-members is limited as follows:

  • If a non-member was to try and sue the Club, the policy covers the Club and its officers;
  • If a non-member causes an injury or damage to another person or property, the policy covers the Club and its officers from any claim;
  • However, in the event of a non-member being the subject of a third party claim, the non-member is not offered protection by the policy. A non-member would be personally liable if any claim succeeded, whereas a member would be covered by the policy.

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