Progress Pride Flag for Marketing Materials

As approved at GOC Board meeting 1 April 2023


On email dated 20/11/2022, I put forward to the GOC board that GOC should adopt LGBTQI+ Progress Pride flag alongside GOC logo.

The GOC board, after consideration rejected the proposal. The consensus was that the existing GOC logo should be retained without change. This decision was made because the GOC logo is very much liked and it does not suggest that GOC not inclusive or has any particular bias.

However, the board recognised that it may be appropriate for the LGBTQI+ Progress Pride Flag to be used in various settings and contexts. This note summarises recommendations on how the LGBTQI+ may be incorporated in GOC marketing materials for consideration and approval by the GOC board.

Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Progress Pride flag or associated versions in marketing materials

Website – The GOC logo will continue to be used on main page and throughout. The GOC logo will not change.

GOC Marketing Materials including GOC business cards, leaflets, advertisements. The preference is for the LGBTQI+ Pride progress flag to be adopted on the basis this is the most inclusive version of the rainbow flag. The LGBTQI+ Pride progress flag can be shown alongside the GOC logo.


For Pride events attended by volunteers as GOC representatives, it is recommended that GOC marketing materials with GOC logo are used and displayed to enhance and promote GOC within LGBTQI+ community. The progress pride flag may also be shown/displayed alongside GOC logo at the discretion of event participants.

For GOC events/walks, the LGBTQI+ progress pride flag may be shown/displayed at the discretion of event participants.

Questions about this policy may be addressed to Gabbie Giuffre at [email protected].

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