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The first four months membership is free for new members to GOC (unless you choose to receive our magazine), and you are able to cancel your membership during this period at no cost if you change your mind. A half-price concessionary rate is available.

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Why Join The Gay Outdoor Club?

The Gay Outdoor Club is a not-for-profit members club. All subscriptions go to cover the costs of running the club.

By joining you are showing your support for the club, and there are lots of other reasons for you to join too:

  • Join as many Gay Outdoor Club groups and events as you wish, throughout the country
  • Gain full access to all event details of all events on the website
  • Be fully covered by the club’s insurance
  • Receive occasional email updates about groups and events that you choose to join
  • Choose to share private messages with other members
  • Get involved and help to organise events and groups

You will receive no post from GOC – all information about the club and its events can be found on this website, and we will send you occasional emails about important club business.  The Gay Outdoor Club is a registered charity and run with a tight budget – costs to members are kept to a minimum so that as many people as possible can benefit.

Automatic annual renewal

When you join online your membership will be renewed automatically each year.  You are free to cancel your membership or change your payment method at any time.

Outdoors magazine

Members may also subscribe to our printed Outdoors magazine, which is mailed out ten times a year. The magazine provides a digest of content published on the website in a handy paper format.

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