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Whiteford North Gower

Barrie and Jeff had chosen this walk at Whiteford when they kindly offered to lead a walk at the AOG in Swansea, which is coming up in July.

This was a rehearsal but unfortunately at the last minute Barrie and Jeff were unable to attend.

I told Neil Barry this, at the Swansea Pride event the day before and that evening he took it upon himself to reccie this walk to remind himself of the route, having not been there for a little while.

This was most kind and really helpful.

On the day of the walk 10 people assembled in the Cwm Ivy car park, one of whom was Crispin who we hadn't seen for some years so he was given a good welcome.

We set off down the hill and onto the path towards the woods. Out of interest we walked to where the sea wall had been breached in 2014 and where there is no longer a through path.

We therefore turned around, going back to the main path which led towards the Whiteford Nature Reserve.

We carried on eventually getting to Whiteford point with great views over to Llanelli/Cefn Sidan--where we will be walking in August--and the fabulous sight of the Whiteford Lighthouse.

We did just wander towards the lighthouse for a bit, but it does take over an hour to get to it, so we saved that for another day.

Returning to the beach we did our own little bit for the planet by collecting some rubbish that was lying n the sand, quickly filling a few black bags.

We stopped for lunch in the dunes and afterwards carried on, before turning back into the woods and eventually back to the café where we just had to stop and sample the refreshments.

We all agreed this is a ideal walk for the AOG, with great views and for those wanting an easier route.

It was uphill to the car park where we then said our goodbyes and headed home, having had a really nice day by the seaside.

Thanks to everyone who came and for Neil's expert leadership.


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