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Upton Scudamore walk 1 December 2013

Steve and Mark with Simon, took us on a terrific circular walk near Warminster.  The first section was easy going, but we soon climbed up onto Salisbury Plain, and enjoyed wide ranging views over southern Wiltshire and eastern Somerset. 

An unusual feature on this walk was the provision of Portaloos at strategic locations in the middle of nowhere, these came in handy as trees and bushes for calls of nature were few and far between on the Plain!

Many thanks to Steve and Mark for organising and leading the walk, and for the photos (click on first photo for a slideshow).


Background information on the memorial, shown in picture 1 below

The Memorial Plaque has been erected at the entrance to Copheap Memorial, which is off Copheap Lane in Warminster. The entrance is flanked by two low walls with a path leading to a lych gate and then on up to the top of the hill where there are wide views over the town.

The Memorial is believed to have been instigated by Harold Dewey and was built 1949 to 1950, overseen by the old Warminster Urban District Council. The steps and pillars on the lych gate were designed and built by the Wiltshire Regiments of Old Comrades and Royal Artillery Association (The Old Gunners) and a photograph on the Memorial Plaque shows some of the members of the working group. The whole area was dedicated as a War Memorial in 1950, in addition to the existing War Memorial at the junction of Portway and The Close.
The lych gate is inscribed with the dates of the two World Wars and the wording:
“As an everlasting tribute of pride and gratitude to the sons of Warminster who gave their lives in the Great World Wars, this archway was constructed and Copheap preserved for the perpetual use and enjoyment of all.”



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