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Twixmas at Trefin in Pembrokeshire

I had wanted to plan a GOC event over Christmas for a few years but didn't know

if others would be interested.

The hostel in Trefin, a small village in Pembrokeshire were offering a "too good to refuse" offer over Christmas so I advertised the event and sat back waiting for enough numbers, or not, to sign up.

As it turned out, people did want to join in and so after much planning, on Christmas Eve we set off for our Twixmas break.

Five of us met for refreshments at Tregwynt Woollen Mill, just north of Trefin, and then did a short walk to Abermawr and Aberbach two secluded and unspoilt beaches and a wander through a National trust Woodland.

Lecky was nearly washed away at one point but all safely back at the cars we drove in convoy to the hostel where we met the owners, Sue and Chris, who had gone the extra mile with a greetings card and large tin of choccies, plus crackers to welcome us.They had also put up a small tree and lights which were just the right touch.

The others joined us, with everyone really liking the hostel which proved warm and comfy for the whole of our time there and the cooking facilities and the nice lounge made it an excellent stay.

Some of us went to the village pub that evening, complete with lovely roaring fire and scrummy food.

The following day, Christmas Day--though none of us were saying the "C" word-- was very windy so I decided to do the walk northerly on the coast to keep out of the wind as best we could, and after many ups and downs on the coastal path we found ourselves at Carreg Sampson a a 5000-year-old Neolithic dolmen, and then to Abercastle where we had our lunch.

We sat on a bench eating our pcked lunches and in the house next door we could see someone cooking their Christmas dinner.We thought sure they would bring us out some turkey sarnies but alas it wasn't to be.

We carried on, on the coastal path and then detoured inland and back to the hostel all invigorated and agreeing that that was "the way" to be celebrating Christmas Day.

Neil had kindly offered to cook us a meal that night and after much head scratching as to how to put the cooker on, the meal evolved into a lovely tasty casserole with lots of veggies and I brought a Christmas pudding which all went down rather well.

The following day Boxing Day, four others joined us who lived nearby and we ventured inland down to the beautiful Porthgain and on the coastal path to Abereiddy with blue pool very, well, blue, I suppose!!

We then came inland back to Porthgain and then on the coastal path back to Trefin.

Neil went to lie down and rest awhile --these men haven't got the stamina!!!--and was soon off home as he was going away for New Year.

The rest of us had another evening in the pub which was a really lovely social affair. The following day, all too soon was going home day, but a walk at Strumble Head and the lovely Lighthouse was planned.Noticeably it was four women who had the stamina left to tackle this, with Jim, and Alasdair and John saying their goodbyes after breakfast.

We drove and parked near Pwll Deri hostel and walked down to the hostel where a family were staying for the Christmas break.It's in a fabulous place looking down on the cliffs and sea and we took in the views, then followed the rocky coast path right round to the Lighthouse where four famished women stopped for lunch.

We carried on and then inland and eventually back to the cars, tired and a bit stiff legged, but all on a real high after a few lovely days away and some absolutely fabulous walking in some lovely dry weather.

We drove in convoy for a short way and then all turned in different directions for our routes back home.

As a first Christmas event away, this was a total success.

Many thanks to everyone who came and stayed in the hostel, your good company  and generosity was really special.

Also thanks to the people who lived nearby and joined in the walks, making this a thoroughly enjoyable "C" time for everyone concerned.

The first Twixmas of many. . . . ??!!


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