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Thorndon Park Essex October 2011

I was not able to make Steve Forde's triumphant 9 mile jaunt through the Essex countryside, however 11 brave souls, unusually all men this time,  braved major engineering works on the transport system including the dreaded 'replacement' bus, in what sounds like excellent walking weather.

"In terms of Sunday's walk, there were eleven of us and we had a rather long lunch at the Green Dragon pub eating mainly traditional roast dinners. It was very pleasant. The woods were full of fallen sweet chestnuts which some members of the group were avidly collecting.  

The endearing part of these walks is the range of subjects discussed, and I never cease to be amazed at what people will come out with.  Conversations ranged from men, economics, nipple massages, Liam Fox and his various boyfriends, physiotherapy, dietary advice, recipes, the Arab Spring, the situation in Egypt, the Tate Gallery, JMW Turner, Orkney, family tree tracing, Gay Pride, the inaccuracies of the Met Office, Keynsianism, Samuelson's Economics, the sources of words, the neolithic period and the future of the High Street."

Fraser Borwich

I totally agree with Fraser, I am always struck by the depth of conversation that goes on during my various walks with GOC (well, unless I am leading a walk!).  Clearly a lot of male bonding went on this day, hopefully the discussion of nipple massage was just that, and Liam Fox, well he's aleady into a new chapter in his life, maybe he'll be on the next walk now!!  So much chat went on we only have one record confirming their attendence, thanks to Robert Liston for the picture:

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