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The Wrong Turn Walk goes wrong!

GOC members find proof the average age of the group has reached a dramatic peak after discovering remains of a member lost during last year's visit to the pub.


Nah... Just kidding! But as I only have this picture to illustrate the walk I had to rely on yellow press techniques.


The walk went really well actually and once again John proved to be a great leader:

Taking a group of 8 through cold misty hills to our favourite pub just to get rid of that wintery feel of isolation, with free snacks on the bar Chris ate non-stop and few bitters by the fire, I guess the walk felt like a merry and spring-like stroll. So spring-like or perhaps so merry that encouraged by Bruce, some took it as an opportunity for ending it swimming naked in Dover's Leisure Centre swimming pool. Yes, that happens on Sunday evenings...


Thank you John for leading the walk, I'm intrigued about your next one.

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