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The Incredible Hulks 4 October 2015

Incredible Hulks - Sharpness, Gloucestershire 4th October 2015

Taking in the countryside around the still active Sharpness docks in Gloucestershire, Jon and John led a group of 14 of us out of the mist to the new wind turbine that towers over the centuries old Sharpness docks and canal. Following the canal we visited the'Ship's Graveyard' at Purton, where at least 30 hulks of ships have been deliberately beached, over the last 100 years, to preserve the banks of the Severn, Jon kept us alert, as ever, with lots of information ..... and sweeties !!.

We sat about the old wrecks for lunch and shortly after were treated to some very chocolatey cake by them both !! Leaving the canal path we walked back through the countryside, whilst the sun shone, back to the pub for a few libations

Thanks in particular to our GOC friends who came over from South Wales, Alan, Ben and Richard, and also from the South Midlands, Andy, Mark and Ian

Thanks to Jon for report & pictures

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