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The Henry Lewis Memorial walk at Llanarthne

 This was billed beforehand as a Special Day to remember Our Dear Friend Henry who had recently sadly died and that's exactly how this day turned out, a Very Special Day indeed.

A very large group of Henrys friends from GOC , plus a few of Henrys friends from the local area who joined us, gathered in Llanarthne village.

Everyone had made a special effort to attend as Henry meant a lot to all of us and throughout the day many lovely stories were exchanged about Dear Henry.

The day started from Llanarthne village with a walk up to Paxton's Tower, a fantastic viewpoint high up.

We needed to do the 5.5 mile walk in 3 hours so it was important that, whilst not being a route march,  the walk proceeded without delay as we had a lot to fit in, with other special events following quickly on after the walk.We were booked in for lunch at a nearby establishment and wanted to arrive timeously and without any stress for the walk leader, me!!

We walked along the road and up through a forestry track to emerge to see Paxton's Tower ahead of us on top of a Hill.

We climbed up the green grassy bank to the top where the views were quite incredible.

We could see over to Dryslwyn Castle where we would be gathering later on, and in the distance the River Towy stood out, winding its way this way and that.

In the other direction was the National Botanic Gardens and as we left the Tower and joined a country lane we could see the lovely Greenhouse in the Gardens and other distinctive buildings there.

The lane descended down, down and down, and after a minor mishap where we lost a few people we progressed passing the back entrance to the Botanic Gardens and onto a track to a farm and then through some lovely, freshly cut green fields and out onto another track passed some houses and a large stables.

We then walked on a lovely path through a green woodland and through another field and onto the road that led to the Restaurant where we were having lunch.

Some made their way directly there whilst the rest of us returned to our cars in the village hall car park to change our shoes etc and make our way to lunch with just a minute or two to spare.

27 of us enjoyed a tasty lunch at The Emporium and reminisced about Henry with a few people telling some quite emotional  stories about our Dearly missed Friend and with some poetry recitations too. 

The third part of this Memorial was for us to gather at the top of the nearby Dryslwyn Castle one of Henrys favourite places.

At Henrys Memorial Service in London which I had attended, they had given out some of Henrys CD's (he composed songs ) which I now played to the close circle of his friends high up on the Castle Walls.It was quite emotional for everyone who had assembled at Dryslwyn, with Henrys songs and indeed on one song, Henrys voice flowing melodically around the hillside.

On our way home a few of us took a detour via Llanddarog, Henrys home village where a headstone for him had been erected in the church there.It was amazing to see that the headstone pointed directly at Paxton's Tower so I'm sure Henry had been watching over us as we had celebrated his life.

This indeed had been a Very Special Day, one where Henry would have laughed out loud, and have truly loved.

Our Dear Henry will be sorely missed by all who knew him.





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