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Stanton, Stanway and Snowshill, but not Laverton!

On a sunny Sunday 19 walkers including Andy ( a welcome new member) Al (a visiting GC) and Roger (a Trustee) assembled for a walk starting from Stanton, visiting Stanway with its thatched cricket pavilion, thatched tennis pavilion and grand Gate House and Snowshill (Snozell to the locals). All the villages delivered chocolate box cottages and there were amazing views of the Cotswold hills to be admired between.

What a difference a week makes, last Sunday Brian found a warmed agricultural roller as the perfect lunchtime seat, this week he and Peter were the only ones brave enough to cross the wooden dam/bridge to nab the best shady tree stump for the coffee stop (see photo). John (also snapped) graced the opposite bank of the stream but declined to do a swallow dive into the stream.

Lunch was taken on the village green in Snowshill in sight of the Manor House and pub. Later the group declined the offer of a visit to a fourth village, Laverton and the climb back up, unbelievable!

Returning to the start some visited the pub, whilst others headed home tired but with another 9 miles on their boots. A great walk available to all at the AOG.

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