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St Clears to Whitland

Well what a very lovely walk Robert D. conjured up for us.

We had previously walked from Llansteffan to St Clears and from Whitland to Narberth so this was the missing link and Robert had almost had to dig a way through for us in one part.

During this walk Robert materialised into something between Bear Grylls and The Pied Piper of St Clears!!!

Eleven of us set off to admire the very lovely and perfectly formed traffic lights in St Clears!!--this was the first set of traffic lights to appear in this area.

We then continued to walk beside the river making our way to the Motte and Bailey of St Clears Castle leading Robert to boast that "his" Motte and Bailey was far bigger and impressive than the one Liz and I had discovered at Solva!!!

At this point Dafydd and John wandered off to find their very own short cut on four wheels and would meet up with us later on in the walk.

We continued by the river and passed some houses where a few of the inhabitants caught our eye as possible qualifying members of our gang!!

We crossed a bridge and continued on the road for a while passing a lovely cottage when suddenly the owners appeared having been told that we would be passing by a friend of Roberts.They seemed interested in the group and walked with us for a while introducing us to some friends of theirs living nearby, so Robert did a really good job as Pied Piper.

After saying our farwells and hoping we might have found some future new members we carried on our eventful way.

At Llanddowror Dafydd and John reappeared showing us the interior of the Chapel and its interesting history.

After lunch we continued, getting views of the new bypass ahead and where we were able to walk directly underneath, entering a lovely wooded area heading for the "Pale".

After most had vaulted a locked gate with Robert and I chosing to limbo underneath, we came to a very overgrown spot that Robert had been working on with a hook and secateurs and had virtually cut a path through for us.As we walked through there was a small area where I think he had especially made a maze for us as we seemed to go round in a bit of a circle before emerging from the wood at a high point getting great views to our destination, Whitland .

The last part was downhill all the way, passed the sewage works and through Trevaughan to where we had left a few cars earlier in the day and where Dafydd rejoined us.

We made the short drive to a lovely pub and sat outside in the sun enjoying coffee and cake.

Colin managed to get the last cream tea complete with home made scone and lashings of jam and cream which left Mike, who had also wanted a cream tea but had arrived after Colin, drooling down the far end of the table--see photo!!!

Many thanks to Robert for all his hard work in finding this lovely walk and showing his expertise in using a hook to clear the vegetation for us and to Dafydd for his support and interesting information along the way.  




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