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Spanning the Thames, SE & E London, April 2013

Walk Lead: Charles Murray - his first lead (of many, I hope!!)

Numbers of GOCs:  A staggering 66!  Equalling the records set by Michael Daniel’s and David White’s walks last year!  The weather definitely helped!

Newbie GOCs: at least 10 that I met, including quite a few of the younger age!

Length: 7 miles

Start: Lewisham SE London

Finish: Canary Wharf, Docklands, E London (more to the point, the local Wetherspoons!)

Points of interest:  Loads including covering over 5 centuries of history and architecture right up to the present! Gorgeous view of London from The Point, Blackheath Common, Greenwich Park with its lovely gardens and the historic Observatory, with more stunning views over Greenwich and the Docklands, The old Royal Naval College, with its iconic twin domes courtesy of Sir Christopher Wren (and copied on/from his St Paul’s Dome), visits to the Painted Hall and Chapel, some, a sneaky side trip to the Queen’s House with its gorgeous Hall and Tulip Staircase, on around the side of Greenwich Village, beside the Cutty Sark in its brilliant new home, on under the Thames along the old foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs, with equally stunning views back to Greenwich, then on through the southern docklands, via Mudshute Park and City Farm (why a name like Mudshute????!!), both a total surprise, what with the sheep grazing happily under the Docklands cityscape, onto and around the Millwall Outer Dock, then through the very modern steel, glass and chrome city of the Canary Wharf area, that has risen here over the past 15 years or so.  Finishing at the Wetherspoons for an overdue drink, lots more chat and bonding, and for some, a late roast lunch – all basking outdoors in gorgeous,  warm, frankly delicious sunshine!

Weather:  Bloody stunning!  Like I said, gorgeous and very warm!  After months and months of the bitterest winter most of us can remember, a total godsend!!

Summary of the day: A perfect combination of great weather, lots of interesting stuff to view, delightful company and pub at the finish, made it a brilliant day all round!  Thank you Charles!

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