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Saturday 1st August – OXFORD, Cuddston & Garsington


Another successful event with a few "old faces" that went to the trouble to travel some distance to be with us. Was good to be reunited with our regulars.

Attempting to improve on our earlier walk this time we attempted to have the same walk split up into sets of six members, each with a leader, with a spacing of several minutes between each "group" setting off. Everyone kept safe distancing, with some opting for full face covering etc throughout. Others were happy to "keep their distance" particularly at Stiles etc.

Had some valuable advice from Al (S Wales) that we should have advertised time differences. This we will do in future. Valuable comment. Thanks.

As for the walk we had a total of nine who went up hill & down dale repeatedly with stunning views north over Oxford & south to the Chiltern Hills. As the walk progressed our members naturally separated into smaller groups, often two or four, with greater distancing between.

When we reached inhabited areas we clearly separated for both picnic stops & touring sites. It was interesting one member (heavily protected) took over a seat, putting his feet up to prevent anyone else sitting with him - ensured he felt safe & enjoyed his picnic.

Discussions about resuming pub lunches were not particularly welcome. Preferring to continue the "picnic in the open - with plenty of scattered seating" to both satisfy our members but also the local population watching our movements. As there were no pubs on route (closed due to pandemic - not reopened) we couldn't experiment with "drinks in the garden".

So all in all a successful improvement on our attempts to get back towards some form of normality so our members could feel more relaxed by the end of the walk.

Thanks to Paul & Howard who did all the hard work, Thanks to the gang for supporting each other with understanding & compassion.

Paul & Bull


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