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Hi Gang,

Sorry for delay in submitting this report. Unfortunately I didn't take any interesting photos on the walk. I know some of you did, so please add them by "Editing".

The day started with the determination that our "Roving public transport guru - Steve F of Essex fame". should make the walk. Having "slept over" at the bus stop he was to arrive at we had enough time to get him the two miles up to the start.

Anyway, under Chris's leadership 12 of us, including three new faces which David brought along - all set out for what was an exploration of areas hadn't walked. Kind of completing parts of the jigsaw of walks. We gently climbed to SWYNCOMBE church and Manor before stopping for lunch looking NW over the Vale. I am sure that when I passed through with Andrew W, there were a load of cut tree trunks, perfect for sitting and having lunch. The tree trunks were gone so we made do with the stumps. A slow decent along the ancient pre-turnpike track brought us back looking down on EWELME. A toss up, majority wanted tea and cakes so we wandered down into the village and the Village Store followed by exploring the ancient church and alms houses associated with with CHAUCER. Please add photos.


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