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Andrew W our intreped leader (and myself) having completed over 30 miles walking (over 4 days) on "The Heart of Wales Walk" (organised by Al GOC West Wales). So we had to get back in time for this walk.

So under Andrews guidance 11 "Regular Members" met up at Scouchmans Knob, just south of W HENDRED. We then followed the Ridgeway west till we reached Penelopy BETJEMAN'S sarsen stone memorial. Turning south we followed "Old Street" - an ancient drove road - before descending into delightful coppice woods. Reaching W ILSLEY we followed the village street to "The Harrow" PH for refreshments. Afterwards a short accent back on to the Ridgeway and our transport we settles down for a brew and "Fairy Cakes". Another well organised BERKS & MID THAMES activity.


Having had lunch and descended through the coppice woods we found this group of fairies hiding among the nut trees. Later we shared "Fairy Cakes".

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