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Richmond Hill Walk and Meal

Bill led 33 walkers and 5 dogs through Richmond Park past Ham House and along the River Thames, although there was a chill in the air the thought of a warm pub at the end kept everyone going. Bill had planned the walk well, especially as when he pre walked it he had to wade through some very deep water. No wading was nescessary on Sunday as the weather was kind to us.

Ham House was built in 1610 and is alledged to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain. Visitors attest to sightings of the Duchess of Lauderdale and her dog, which is reported to have been seen running down the corridors.

We finished the walk at the Roebuck in Richmond and the food was excellent and those folks that had the real ale said they thoroughly enjoyed them and could understand why the pub was always in the CAMRA guide. The 25 mile view from this historical pub needs to be seen to be believed and has been protected by an act of parliament for the last 103 years and the view has been the subject of a number of Turner paintings.

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