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Newton to Candleston near Porthcawl

We were very lucky yet again, to have some really good weather on this fabulous walk near Prthcawl with rain only arriving in the last 5-10 miunutes of the walk.

Unfortunately due to an old war wound, Garry could not lead the walk as planned but luckily for us--see later--he joined us at lunchtime.

Mark ably stood in and led ten of us, plus Max and Tilly, from the Newton aea near Porthcawl towards Candleston/Merthyr Mawr.

We snaked our way through a lovely woodland in sunny weather where we were shielded from any high winds on the seafront.

We had great views at intervals, down to the caravan park and could see the impressive waves on the coastline.

We came to a very water logged area where the path was totally submerged but Helen and Gela without any hesitation strode boldly through with the men looking for drier areas to cross and not get their feet wet.

None were found, so they had to follow the women through the mire, with some walking the plank, to cross the deep water and where Tilly gave an encouraging nip to Marks ankles to get him to cross--see photo. 

Mark pointed out the Big Dipper, at Merthyr Mawr, the highest sand dune in Wales but strangely, no-one volunteered to run up it!!

We were soon at the lunch stop at Candleston where Garry was waiting for us with lots of hot tea and scrummy cupcakes and pancakes.

Everyone was suitably impressed with his baking skills and the delicious cakes went down very well indeed.

After lunch we joined the Wales coastal path and veered near to the River Ogmore and could see where I had led a walk at Ogmore, on the opposite bank of the river, just over a year ago.

We proceeded, eventually getting on to the extremely windy beach with views ahead of us to Porthcawl.

It was a relief to get into Newton Burrows and get some respite from the relentless wind as we made our way back to the start at Newton. 

Once again we expressed our luck at the great weather we had had, as it was only then in the last ten minutes or so that it had started to rain.

We said our hasty goodbyes all eager to get out of the wet and into our cars and some of us eager to get home for the rugby.

Many thanks go to Garry and Mark for a really lovely walk.Where they'd chosen was particularly good as no-one knew this interesting area very well at all.

The lunchtime refreshments made by Garrys fine hands were delicious as always.

Thanks to everyone who came, and who were determined not to let the weather deter them, from enjoying a great day out. 

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