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New Quay

When Liz offered to lead a walk, to show off her home patch of New Quay, I was just a bit apprehensive as to whether many would be prepared to travel the extra mile(s) to support her.

I was so pleased, and proud of the group too, as, nearer the date, a good number of people were signing up to come, showing that they were prepared to travel just that bit further, to explore such a fabulous area.

On the day, we had a great turnout of a round dozen, who arrived at various intervals and all managed to find a parking spot in Liz's road--terrace actually!!--and dash to use her facilities!!

I was surprised that quite a few hadn't been to New Quay before.They were in for quite a delightful day.

Marie who lived the nearest and was only a fifteen minute drive away, was of course the last to arrive but with her still lacing up her boots we set off on a steep ascent up onto the coastal path with Penny--Liz's partner, and Ianto their dog, waving us off.

Almost immediately we had fantastic views out to sea and continued on, in single file, up to the top of the cliffs.After a while the path split in two and Liz led eight brave souls close to the edge of the cliff whilst I led the others on the safer path slightly further inland.

We all met up a few minutes later and miraculously Liz hadn't lost anyone overboard--or over cliff!!

We came to an old lookout hut where we had more great views out to sea and back to New Quay.

We continued on top of the cliffs, at times slip sliding our way through the mud, then dropped down to cross a bridge before climbing high up again.

Eventually we descended to a beautiful cove where we stopped for lunch.Watching us was a nosy seal, lifting his head right out of the water trying to spy the delights of our packed lunches.

There was a bit of a breeze blowing in from the sea, so before long we set off again coming to a lovely cascading waterfall set in lots of greenery.

We continued on our way further inland, admiring some lovely new fencing as we passed, then went through a farm and onto a track which eventually led to the main road.

We carefully crossed the road, continuing down through a beautiful wooded area and back to New Quay.

Robert and Neil H, were so engrossed in their conversation that several times they kept disappearing out of sight, and a long way back but we managed not to lose them completely, and arrived back at Liz's house where we were all invited in for well earned refreshments.

An offer we just couldn't refuse!!

There was a scrummy array of home made cakes--though not home made by Liz or Penny they pointed out!!-- and I can vouch for the fact that the coffee was quite delicious.

Everyone was glad of a sit down after the exertions of the day and the converstaion, like the tea, flowed.

Liz and Pennys house is perched high up and has great views out to sea, so I think we could have been forgiven for wanting to sit and stare for the rest of the day, however, fortified by the delicious refreshments we all reluctantly departed to wind our weary ways home. 

Many thanks go to Liz and Penny for the great welcome they gave everyone and for their very generous hospitality.

Liz really did show off "her" New Quay in a most splendid way, enticing I'm sure, many of the group to want to return sometime soon.







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