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We met at Minions and yes that it the actual road sign for the village!  The sky was a little cloudy and we were treated to a small shower of rain before we set out, just enough for people to put  thier water proofs on over thier shorts but then it cleared and remained dry for the rest of the walk. 17 of us set out at 11am, 3 women 14 men and a handful of dogs, we were joined by Patrick a short distance along the road so now there were 17 of us.  A lovely walk along some very quiet footpaths and moorland making our way to Siblyback Lake, the water level was quite low being the end of the summer our lunch stop was at the lake where there was a dog show taking place a bonus to the dog lovers in the group.  After lunch we continued around the lake crossing over the dam before making our way back to Minions.  Mike the Devon group co-ordinator shared details about thier Christmas Lunch plans taking place on 3rd December and Simon shared details of the Cornwall Group Lunch taking place on 11th December, yes its already time to plan Christmas!

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