Milton Keynes Walk Sunday September 24th

Event led by Mike Crosson
Attendance: 13.
Number of churches: at least 7

This walk was a circular route from Woburn St Mary's Church and car park then if my bearings were correct, it was a SE jaunt towards Aspley Guise and Woburn Sands back to Woburn with a seasonal nod to a few Woburn Parkland Stags and Deer’s at the end.

The first part of the walk was exposed but did also encompass shady woodlands with tall trees of the evergreen species. The day started grey but warm, almost threateningly but gladly there was not a drop of water and at times much in the way of sunshine. The Deciduous trees despite late autumn still had a lush look but there are hints of the colours changing for what will hopefully be a spectacular autumn.

Most of the route was in Central Bedfordshire including Aspley Guise, with Woburn Sands and some of it surrounds within the County of Buckinghamshire, delightful places with a real leafy feel where residents appeared to be on the upper end and well oiled. Many attractive properties, some of quite a size and with a kerb appeal that is top notch. Aspley was the lunch spot at a very convenient centre point with seating and shelter at standard to suit royalty.

As ever lovely guys formed the group chatty and friendly, travellers from Oxfordshire in the West and Leicester towards the East and the lovely ex GOC member our brother Dieter now resident in New York City who joined us, how transatlantic!

Thanks again to Mike our leader and Paco our group MK coordinator also in attendance who aided with the occasional checking that the group was kept in good pace so all could feel part.


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