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Melincourt Waterfall near Resolven–summer evening walk

The weather really perked up during the day and the evening turned into a beautifully sunny and warm one, ideal conditions for a lovely walk.

It was a shame that more people didn't take advantage of the beautiful evening and escape to join us in the Great Outdoors at Melincourt near Resolven.

Rob E and Christopher are real supporters of these summer evening walks and they joined Gail and I at the meeting place, a car park in Resolven.

We crossed the road and walked on a lovely old track beside the Melin Court Brook up to the waterfall which was incredibly, quite full of water given the recent dry (ish) conditions. 

We stood for a while watching the water flowing over the high rocks with Christopher taking photographs.

Then we retraced our steps just a little and took some wooden steps on our left that brought us quite high up where we were almost looking down on the waterfall below.

Joining a lane and then onto greenery, we were still going onwards and upwards.

Gail had been quite a few times to reccie this walk in the previous few days, having difficulty with a missing path, and she had got quite wet walking through the over knee length grass.

This evening it had dried out very nicely as we all waded through the beautiful grasses and ferns.

We stopped here and there to get great views over to a nearby windfarm and we could see the next few villages further up the Heads of the Valleys road.

We could also see back to Swansea and yes, we glimpsed a bit of sea, trying its best to hide from us.

Little flying bugs were around about us from the start and Rob E almost wore his jumper out putting it on, to deter the bugs and then taking it off again as he was too warm.

The sheep on the slopes were quite noisy and obviously weren't used to walkers at this time of the evening disturbing them.

Eventually we got to the highest point and again took in the fantastic views.

Then it was literally all downhill.

We walked passed some old derelict buildings and into a lovely field full of wild flowers that took us down a steepish path right down to rejoin the Melin Court Brook.

Crossing a lovely wooden bridge we took a green path, emerging out onto the road right by a lovely old Chapel.

We were right by the top of the waterfall again, and then just walked down the lane back to the cars.

This is a lovely walk, which can also be done as a longer version of  6 to 7 miles or so.

It's great how you are down amongst the trees, closed in with no views one minute and then with just a bit of up, suddenly you're in open country with fantastic views.

Many thanks to Gail for all her hard preparatory work in making this happen and to Rob E and Christopher for supporting our summer evening walks.They wouldn;t have been the same without you!! 






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