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Kidwelly Quay and Glan Yr Afon

Just imagine this tranquil scene--we are all assembled on a sunny Sunday morning at a calm and peaceful Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire ready and waiting for Russ to give us a history lesson on this very lovely area, when suddenly the silence is shattered by an almighty explosive bang, and plumes and plumes of black smoke drift up over the sea wall from the water below.

The inquisitive amongst us, ie everyone!!! rushed over to see that a jetski motor had blown up, slightly injuring the owners.

After ensuring that no first aid was necessary we re-assembled and just when Russ was about to launch into the interesting history once again, we were disturbed by the loud siren of a fire engine rushing to the scene.

The dismounting firemen proved to be a more interesting sight for some amongst us, ie all the men, and eventually Russ had to exert his authority and move the whole group around the corner and out of sight of the commotion so we could get onto the main part of the day and start our walk.

Two new members Angela and Helen were welcomed to the group and I think they must have been with us in spirit long before, because they just blended in immediately and seemed like long lost friends.

We walked along the Kymer's canal with Russ giving us information on route, and then continued by the Gwendraeth Estuary with great views out to sea and along the coastline including a nearby caravan park perched right on the edge of the shore.

We meandered in and out of greenery and returned to the canal which took us back to the cars.We had only been walking for just over an hour or so, so onwards we went, up to the centre of Kidwelly with Russ pointing out St Marys church before we walked down the main street and made our way to Glan Yr Afon nature reserve.

At the entrance to the reserve is a very old and now unused slaughter house which did conjure up distressing images for some of us.

We wandered around Glan Yr Afon which had some picnic benches where we ate our packed lunches.

The walk so far had been very flat and gentle so after a stop to view Kidwelly Castle and Russ's history lesson it was onwards and upwards literally, ascending through two fields giving us somewhat hazy but fantastic views right over Kidwelly and over to Gower.

We continued inland through a few farms and found a lovely green lane taking us to a beautiful wooded area which led us back to Kidwelly.

A nearby cafe beckoned, for a refreshing end to our walk and we just had to indulge in the scrummy cakes--well, they had been well earned hadn't they?!

Our group had walked at Kidwelly before, but what a lovely different and varied route Russ had found for us, so many thanks for his efforts and hard work.

The sunny weather, he'd laid on, seventeen degrees in November went down very well and was very much appreciated by everyone but especially myself so that I could continue wearing my shorts!!!

Many thanks to everyone who came and made this a very lovely BIG day out in Carmarthenshire.




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