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Keep off the tracks but there weren’t any!

It was with trepidation against the weather forecast of heavy showers that the committed 8 of us set out on the wouldbe 9 mile trek which turned out to be 10.6 miles. I really should stop using that piece of elastic to measure distance on the map. However we survived two cloud bursts which were timed as we entered cover. As it was generally sunny otherwise our skill of rapid deployment of weather proofs with the need to then disrobe to stay cool in the sunshine was tested. We achieved the objectives of seeing the HS2 works and managed to cross them twice. The only other potential hostile encounter being a security person who manned the first public footpath crossing. Perhaps we had disturbed him from deep slumber on his chair as he did not want us to linger where the track was yet to be built. Maybe worried that we could be a group of eco warriors about to chain ourselves the the fences. There have been local protests and tree occupations so I think they tend to be suspicious of any groups. By contrast we walked the 'Greenway' now a country park and sustrans route but formerly a railway. There was a little bit of jungle to get through due to the rapid growth of nettles, brambles etc due to the rainfall in May. We swept across open fields and had a stunning view of Kenilworth castle worthy of photo's. It was apparent our route is used a lot by joggers and at one point we had a horse in tow. We had an equally good view of the next approaching cloudburst and made it back to the car park with a minute to spare. This was the heaviest under a hosepipe type and therefore departures were rapid but we beat the odds.

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