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Higham Winter Circular

I can only say that the walk was brilliant.

Thanks to Marc, Nick, Blizzard and Sakari, all the “gocs” from Kent, London and Essex that attended the walk on the 29th of January had the opportunity to enjoy a great day out on the marshes of the Thames estuary.

Well planned and well timed, the almost 11 mile circular was full of surprises hiding in a mix of wild life and industrial landscapes: horses, birds, the old wreckage, a fort, the sand pits, some remains of Victorian kilns… History and adventure was thick in the air and we were able to feel it.

And not only we enjoyed hiking and climbing here and there, the weather was good too and despite the forecast, some sunny spells helped us to keep it dry until the end.

So in other words, it was the great combination of well chosen locations, weather, leaders and good company what made this walk a success.   

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