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Heading for Monsal Head

Warm sunshine in Ashford in the Water greeted the visiting GOC walkers from the South Midlands Group for their 7 mile walk to Monsal Head and back along the river via Lees Bottom!

There were a couple of climbs on route but the group were glad that they weren’t carrying tents and sleeping bags etc like the many D-of-E hikers that we encountered were.  At Monsal Head the group celebrated Toms birthday with a fruit cake thoughtfully provided by the GC Mark Parker.

The group continued on along the banks of the river stopping to admire the former railway bridge and waterfall, before stopping for a riverside picnic.  The second climb into the woods caused one walker to remark “It really is SOMETHING that the Banbury is putting us through”. Just proves that you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

The group returned to Ashford and whilst some departed for home and work on Monday most visited the tea shop for delicious cakes tea and coffee in the garden. Just as we finished it started to rain! Perfect timing Mr Parker.

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