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Hambledon 12 Mile Circular Walk

How lovely to see so many of you all on Sundays walk: Hambledon 12 Mile Circular Walk. Thanks go to Rupert for finding this scenery packed walk and making sure we safely made our way round.

45 people and 5 dogs set off (and returned I am relieved to say) after a very efficient EGM.  We had good walking weather throughout the day and we were blessed with clear views. Our route encompassed Winkworth Arboretum and swaiths of National Trust land which fed the soul. 12 miles of up and down was enough for my legs by the time we got back to the cars but it feels good to go beyond our usual milage once in a while.

Bakers were out in force and we managed to get pictures of most of the cakes. Gordon has been watching re-runs of The Golden Girls and decided to bake the unpronounceable Augsburger Zwetschgendatschi - this was the only cake which was completely finished up so this surely makes Gordon Star Baker this month. A huge thanks to everyone for supplying the wide range of delicacies.

Look out for a dashing Captain Birdseye in the photos above.

See you next time,


Pat 'n' Richard

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