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Event Reports from Transpennine Group


GOC Canoeing weekend on the Severn

28 Apr 2017 | Transpennine, Adventure Out Groups

Fourteen of us passed a fabulous weekend canoeing on the Severn in two-person Canadian style canoes last July, camping and socialising at the Royal Hill pub. The canoe weekends are a highlight of the GOC programme for me, and it’s a shame many members are put off by the thought of having to stay in a tent with the lack of comfort that conjures up in many people’s minds. Sleeping under canvass can be a wonderful experience though; the nights seem stiller and deeper, the countryside more real with just a length of cotton separating you from it all....
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Whaley Bridge circular - Sun 23 Apr 2017

25 Apr 2017 | Transpennine Group

My first walk with GOC Transpennine Group - the Whaley Bridge Circular - was spectacular, thank you. Of course, the weather helped. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds, not much grey or wind. I elected to travel by train, as living only a short distance from one of the stations on the Buxton line. As I tumbled into the carriage and noted small ruck-sacks and a large Alsatian, three pairs of eyes met mine. GOC, I said to myself. We soon fell into chatting and any misgivings I might have had about cliques were soon dis-spelled....
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Limestone Heaven 2 April 2017

5 Apr 2017 | Transpennine Group

Sumptuous, exquisite, magical, spectacular – I could go on forever – this walk in the Yorkshire Dales is something very special.

The weather throughout the day was superb for both walking and views, and was enjoyed by all fifteen of our party.

We left Austwick on a charming little path through a pretty garden, though I suspect the path was there long before any gardening took place. The first of several brew stops was beside a babbling beck near the quaint hamlet of Wharfe. Lunch was taken amongst the yellow primroses, wood anemones, ancient stunted trees and limestone pavements in Oxenber nature reserve....
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Grasmere meet, 3rd - 5th March 2017

8 Mar 2017 | Transpennine, Adventure Out Groups

Never trust a weather forecast #2. With yet again a poor forecast for the weekend (which in fact turned out to be okay) a group of seventeen of us gathered in the pretty (and rather upmarket) Lakeland village of Grasmere.

Saturday started cloudy and misty, but by early afternoon the mist had lifted from the mountains and the sun was shining over mountains dusted with fresh overnight snow. Our walk took in five Wainwrights (these are hills listed in the famous Lake District guidebooks); Helm Crag (also known ...
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