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Event Reports from North East Group


Riding the Big-One

6 Aug 2018 | East Midlands, Lincolnshire, London, North East, North Wales, Transpennine, Adventure Out, Cycling Groups

Nearly canceled, due to tide tables telling us our ferry cross the Wyre (Knott End to Fleetwood) would not sail, our annual pilgrimage to Blackpool through the Fylde villages.

Nevertheless, here we are, of varying abilities and after taking different routes, all still somehow coming together to face the Big One, Blackpool’s greatest attraction (or is that still the Tower)?

Ending all too soon at 6pm by the Duck Pond in Wrea Green; A full day of easy peddling, sleepy toll bridges, the wayside wharves ...
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Saltburn and East Cleveland – 15th July 2018

28 Jul 2018 | North East Group

With a good weather forecast and a perhaps more accessible meeting-point than for some of our events, we were hopeful of a good turnout for our walk today, and we were not disappointed to meet and welcome eighteen participants, both regulars and newcomers, at Saltburn railway station, with some arriving off the conveniently-timed train.

With a knowledgeable resident to guide us the station was a good place to start, as we learned historically the town of Saltburn was a creation of the railway, indeed the country’s first railway town....
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Deerness and Browney Country – 17th June 2018

30 Jun 2018 | North East Group

In the very diverse range of landscapes, walking routes and meeting venues that the north east of England has to offer, our group sometimes gathers in some quite remote places around the region. On this occasion however we chose to meet at Durham bus station, a more accessible location particularly beneficial for public transport users. We were able to welcome 14 eager participants for a day that started with a bus journey into the surrounding countryside with fine hill-top views in all directions including back towards the city....
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Leyburn and Wensleydale – 20th May 2018

1 Jun 2018 | North East Group

We might have thought meeting in a small country town at 10:30 on a Sunday morning would be a quiet occasion, but as it turned out the market place was busy, with a fairground in full swing. In the end 15 of us manged to find each other and briefly introduced ourselves to each other. It’s always a challenge of course, in the early stages of a walk, to remember everyone’s name, but there would be plenty of opportunity during the day to chat both with our regulars and our newcomers. We set off, soon finding ourselves on a pleasant wooded footpath away from the town and high above the river....
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