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Event Reports from Caving Group


Robinson’s Pot, 6th May 2017

8 May 2017 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

I’ve never been confronted face-to-face by a cat before while standing fully upright with my eyes, like his, only a few inches above ground level. It put me in mind of Alice dosed from the bottle labelled “Drink Me” but in my case the curious experience was not achieved by corporal shrinkage.

The entrance to Robinson’s Pot is covered by a rectangular steel lid against the exterior wall of a farmhouse, next to the back door. The house wall straddles the entrance shaft, and a significant part of the kitchen floor is suspended above the void....
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Caving at the Annual Outdoor Gathering

18 Aug 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

It is a good thing nobody signed up for the Saturday caving trip during the AOG in Bath. Finding the small shop in Cheddar from which Martin had arranged to hire lamps was no trivial matter. Trailing behind us looking for a shop would not have inspired the confidence of novices in our ability to find a cave, let alone to find our way to the bottom and out again. We did get the lamps eventually. Our own confidence in finding things being a little undermined, we walked over the fields to Swildon’s Hole to make sure it was still where it used to be....
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Whitsun in July

22 Jul 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

~~Caving News July 2015 – Whitsun in July

It might not be seven weeks after Easter but that did not stop the cavers going on a Whitsun day trip in July.

According to the events programme we were supposed to visit Meregill Hole in Yorkshire. However, Meregill Hole becomes exciting if it rains. The forecast last Saturday was for heavy rain starting in the early afternoon. I was in Meregill Hole a few years ago when it rained and we found ourselves battling to get out. A re-run of the experience did not seem quite the thing....
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In Car Entertainment

29 Jun 2015 | Adventure Out, Caving Groups

~~Caving News June 2015 – In Car Entertainment

The word that sprang to mind as we trudged up the path towards Trow Gill was “foreboding”. I had been reading the descriptions of Car Pot in the caving guides: “...the original tight deep hole”; “a constricted crawl, a letter box squeeze, and some awkward pitch heads ...”; “cavers who are not physically or psychologically excluded by these difficulties should have a peaceful time...” The slopes of Ingleborough are punctured by multitudinous entrances to caves of every kind from benign to “we must be mad....
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