Gay Outdoor Club
The activity club for gay men and women and their friends


Event reports from individual groups are available by following the links below

Local Groups

Berkshire & Mid Thames (4 event reports)

Cambridgeshire (4 event reports)

Cornwall (46 event reports)

Devon (44 event reports)

Dorset (67 event reports)

East Kent (49 event reports)

East Midlands (6 event reports)

Essex (1 event report)

Hertfordshire (63 event reports)

Home Counties Midweek (1 event report)

Lincolnshire (3 event reports)

London (57 event reports)

Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire (2 event reports)

Norfolk (3 event reports)

North East (25 event reports)

North Wales (47 event reports)

Oxford (4 event reports)

Scotland (42 event reports)

Solent (32 event reports)

Somerset (23 event reports)

South Midlands (31 event reports)

South Wales (46 event reports)

Suffolk (2 event reports)

Surrey (71 event reports)

Sussex (9 event reports)

Transpennine (31 event reports)

West Kent (9 event reports)

West Wales (106 event reports)

Western Midlands (24 event reports)

Wiltshire, Gloucestershire & North Somerset (52 event reports)

Specialist Groups

18-30s (2 event reports)

Adventure Out (64 event reports)

Annual Outdoor Gathering (17 event reports)

Camping and Caravanning

Caving (26 event reports)


Cycling (6 event reports)

Events Abroad (1 event report)

Goslings Swimmers


Women (39 event reports)

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