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Gower–coast to coast

Neil had worked out a very lovely walk for us, unusually, walking from North Gower to South.

It is normal to walk either in North Gower OR the South, so this was something really different and turned out to be a very varied and beautiful walk even in the mist, and towards the end, a bit of light rain which would NOT dampen our high spirits.

At one stage for this walk, eight women had signed up to come and only three men!!

On the day, there were six women and five men --an excellent result--with five more women unfortunately having to pull out at the last minute.

We started off from Cwm Ivy climbing up and skirting Llanmadoc Hill and passing a very Stormy Castle--a very unusual contemporary house on the hill.

Unfortunately the mist limited any great views out to sea and the renowned salt marshes of N Gower.

We stopped at the site of the old school and then proceeded towards Burry with Hardings Down visible through the ever lifting mist, making our way through lovely greenery and eventually ending up at Knelston and the little known "Neil and Steve's soup kitchen."

Just what a find this was in deepest Gower, with generous hospitality, tasty home made soup, beverages AND scrummy cake.

Everyone enjoyed the good food and laid back atmosphere of the longer lunch sitting at a table instead of the usual hard floor of a country field.

Roy, Steve's dad came to say hello, suddenly appearing just when the cake arrived, helping us--though help wasn't really needed--to make the cup cakes and carrot cake disappear in double quick time!!

People were trying to work out how we could do this kind of civilised lunch at every walk with Colin and John who are leading our next walk at Talley, quick to explian that that walk, is nowhere near their home.

Neil suggested they hire caterers to meet us at Talley Abbey but this good idea wasn't shared by Colin and John---what a shame!!

We decided eventually that we should--I suppose??!!--continue with the walk so after a grand tour of Neil and Steve's lovely garden, we ventured on.

Quite soon we had to cross a field containing very curious cows who crept closer and closer listening intently to Neils load of bull!!!!

Then shortly afterwards West Wales nearly had its first pot holing expedition when Neil saw a great photo opportunity and tried to persuade two others to join him, sticking out of three drain holes underneath a bridge!!

Colin and Lecky were great sports humouring Neil in his quest for yet another photo on the front cover of the magazine--see photo below for the brilliant end result.

We entered the very lovely Mill Wood near Penrice and a steep up, found us at St Andrew's Church in Penrice with Neil pointing out the gravestone of a local murder victim.

A short stop for biscuits in the church porch, and then the last bit, down to Oxwich.We had great views as we descended of the full expanse of Oxwich beach and Three Cliffs in the background.

At journeys end we just HAD to venture onto the beach at Oxwich, remarkably quiet for a holiday weekend, and then it was time for Neil and myself to give people lifts back to Cwm Ivy and the waiting cars.

As we approached Llanmadoc the fantastic views that had been covered in mist earlier in the walk were now in full view and so we stopped on the hill for a few minutes to savour this most beautiful area complete with Whitford Lighthouse standing tall in the magnificent sea.

Everyone was full of praise--what a lovely, lovely day this had been.

Many thanks to Neil and Steve for a fantastic lunch stop and for their hard work in sussing this lovely walk.

Note to self: Must put a good report on Trip Advisor for Knelston's little known, five star eatery!!!


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