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Godalming, Peper Harow and Shackleford

This wonderful walk was led by Gordon with a good attendance of 30 people and 4 dogs all keen to get out for some fresh air and a stretch following the Christmas excesses.  The weather was dry and although mostly overcast offered an ideal walking environment and Gordon's excellent choice of footpaths provided good conditions underfoot for the time of year.  Included in the places of interest was the historical village of Peper Harow which is noted in the Domesday Book and the stately Peper Harow House is where the rules of cricket were founded in 1727.  We also viewed the courtyard which housed the Dovecote, Granary and Barn.  We later stopped in Shackleford where the enormous bus shelter provided a perfect spot for our lunch before heading back to Godalming where we enjoyed contributions of tea and cakes at the end of our walk.  Many thanks to all those who contributed and to Richard and Gordon for the pictures.

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