Georgian Pershore and the River Avon


Missing a flooded River Avon by one week, glorious sunshine turned GOC`s biggest yet Culture & history event into a `last of the summer season Variety show`. Thirty-one members from seven counties spilled into Broad Street hearing resident historical architect John G's clues as to what lies behind Pershore's Georgian facades, We found Toyah Wilcox's house (or did we) noted left-over WW2 anti-tank barriers on the ancient Avon Bridge, and explored conundrums of medieval architecture in Wick Village where Confetti is grown (seriously!). Pershore means, of course, the Royal Horticultural Society College. With Guy F`s assistance, their Alpine Society's Garden – en route – hosted an impromptu coffee break like no other


A crinkle-crackle walled footpath (look it up) and suburban the sanctity of bungalow suburbia replaced the intended Avon riverside mud bath, to my relief and others too. Once in countryside, not one but two whole benches were thoughtfully located for lunch with views of Bredon Hill opposite (some too busy eating crisps to notice).


No 7-mile walk is complete without a nature reserve. Tiddesley woods provided Golden Autumnal foliage, zigzag paths and an orienteering test for techno-head Martin D `s phone (mine packed up) selecting least muddy options. Pershore Abbey's tower on the horizon beckoned us downwards towards the leather seating of a rather delightful `do they do tea` Angel Hotel. They also do Herefordshire Pale Ales, despite being in Worcestershire. Ah! Culture!


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