From the old to the new – a Gower Odyssey

With the forecast in the preceding days veering from heavy rain to showers, our group of eleven were grateful for what became a rain free day. Before setting off, we availed of a local farmer’s seasonal display to give us a photo opportunity in this time of Halloween.

We made our way up Llanmadoc Hill, which was more exposed but we had the wind to our backs. Soon fine views across the Gower Peninsula and beyond emerged, and a hilltop memorial marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee showing distances near and far generated interest. We were buffeted along the ridge and passed a number of Iron Age burial grounds before reaching the Bulwark – an Iron Age fort, with ramparts still clearly visible. From Iron Age structures, we next came to a Royal Institute of British Architect’s awarding winning modern home, with lots of glass and steel in it’s structure – described as a modern day castle. We remarked how well the brown colour of the steel matched the nearby bracken. As we went downhill,  we welcomed the shelter from the wind and enjoyed the views of the Burry Inlet and across the Loughor Estuary.

We next passed the site of the local school, which closed in 1935, and wondered whether the students appreciated the lovely views. We then saw the interestingly named Danes Dyke, a long closed restaurant that one of our group remembered as ‘THE place to go’ in it’s heyday.

We reached the village where Neil showed the group a number of old photos of local buildings as we passed them (a sort of then and now), including a long gone filling station where John Lennon bought petrol in the 1960’s.   We continued our downward journey, skirting the Burry inlet and joined the All Wales Coast path. This soon led us through some lovely woodland paths, passing a beehive shaped stone pigsty, before arriving to a warm welcome at the locally renowned Cwm Ivy Café, our lunch stop and the end of the walk. After a most enjoyable lunch (the homemade Corned Beef pie was especially popular and tasty, as were it’s lush cakes), all that was left was to drive the participants back to their cars, as this was a linear walk. After a slight detour due to a lorry blocking our route, we soon said our goodbyes, having enjoyed each other’s company whilst exploring our wonderful countryside.

A most rewarding day.

Neil & Stephen.

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